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2015_Body Proverbs
Mirror Mirror

2018_Birsa_MirrorMirror AVAILABLE

Short Stacked

2014 Short Stacked AVAILABLE

Knobbly Knees

2015_KnobblyKnees SOLD

Ladder Ribs

2015_LadderRibs_24x30 AVAILABLE

Turkey Neck

2015_Turkey Neck AVAILABLE

Stick Figure

2015_StickFigure AVAILABLE

Crow's Feet

2015_Crow's Feet AVAILABLE

Bubble Butt

2015_BubbleButt AVAILABLE

Pigeon Toes

2015_Pigeon Toes AVAILABLE

Love Handles

2015_LoveHandles AVAILABLE

Sausage Fingers

2016_Sausage Fingers SOLD

Bat Wings

2016_Bat Wings_24x18 AVAILABLE

Beer Belly

2016_Beer Belly AVAILABLE

Butter Fingers

2016_Butter Fingers SOLD

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