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custom & hand painted • exterior & interior • commercial & residential

The process

I approach mural painting in the same way I do my studio work, focusing on color, details, and composition. My expertise in figurative and realistic oil painting guarantees that your mural has a fine art aesthetic on a large scale. It is deeply satisfying to create collaborative designs that celebrate my clients' vision and environment. 

Learn about the details of pricing and more down below.


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The details...


In general murals will be a minimum of $10 per square foot with a $750 project minimum. All of the following will be taken into consideration for your project:


  • the size, material, and condition of your wall

  • level of detail

  • materials

  • site accessibility, ladder, scaffolding or lift requirements

  • exterior vs interior

  • travel time


The initial consultation is free and done virtually on a platform of your choice (Zoom, FaceTime etc.). Consultations allow me to understand your site and more importantly, it allows us to discuss your needs and your concept in real time. After the consultation, I will send you a detailed estimate based on our discussion. When you approve my estimate, we move forward with sketches.


I always begin a mural project with a few sketches that will then be developed into a full color design. I will revise the design up to 2 times if needed. The digital sketch will not only show you the exact design you are getting, but I also digitally place the sketch over an image of your mural site so you will see the finished product before I put a drop of paint on your walls.

The non-refundable sketch fee starts at $150 per mural, but this can vary depending on the scope of your project. The design fee will be applied toward the total due at the signing of our agreement. If more than 2 revisions are needed, there is an additional $85 fee per revision.


After you approve the final sketch we sign a commission agreement, which outlines your project and protects us both. A down payment of 50% of the total mural cost is due at the signing of the commission agreement, which books your project dates in my calendar and allows me to purchase supplies and materials. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of your mural.


Let’s start working on your mural!


Please fill out the form below and tell me a little bit about your project. Even if you only have the space that you want a mural send me a message and we can work on your project together!

Thanks for submitting, I'll be in touch soon!

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